Forged In Shadows - It's Here!

November 11, 2022

Hello Friends!

It's here!! Forged in Shadows is here!! We just received a few copies from our fulfillment partner. Seeing it in print was a priceless moment.

We can’t wait for our Kickstarter fulfillment to start next week!

Thank you all again for backing this project and helping us bring it to fruition. I had a number of unexpected health setbacks, death in the family, COVID, etc., that set this project's release back further than initially planned, but you all stuck by our side and were extremely thoughtful and patient throughout this entire process. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that!

We have lots of big plans going forward. Next up are the Dragon Themed playing cards that will come with unique card games that you can use to role-play in your games, or just use them as your go-to playing cards.

Ace of Dragon Wing
Queen of Dragon Wing
Dragon Wing Joker

Here's a list of what's coming down the pipe for Mystic Dragon Games (in no particular order):

  • Dragon-themed playing cards with unique fantasy-themed card games
  • A string of follow-up adventures to Forged In Shadows
  • Our own World Setting books
  • Our own rule system
  • Vol. 2 Moebius Deck of Wonders magic item cards

If you are a writer, copy editor, or illustrator, feel free to reach out to us! (mysticdragongm AT Gmail DOT com)

Thank all again!


Michael & Kim