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July 29, 2022

We are thrilled to share our next project with you! Join us on October 1st as we begin an exciting new journey, the launch of our next Kickstarter  “Forged in Shadows.”  Forged in Shadows is a new adventure module designed to “forge” a legitimate, 1st level adventurer out of  a 0-level, classless character (commoner, tradesman, farmer, nobleman, etc).  Each character will start without a predetermined class in mind, but instead, they will chose a carrier, trade, or play as an unskilled commoner. Through the course of the adventure your character will face challenges and obstacles that cover most of the common base adventure classes, and are designed to flesh out what your character is good at and what they aren’t. Each skill test will be tracked (fails and successes) and by the end of the adventure, you will have some clues (some more obvious than others) of what character class your character would be best suited for or drawn towards.

Sometimes there’s a little gap in your character’s story – that pivotal event that immediately thrust them from their common life to that of an adventurer. That’s what this adventure is designed to do. Fill that little gap that makes your character’s story complete in a fun and memorable way.

Forged in Shadows is a full-fledged adventure, complete with a detailed write-up of Valkhaldur Citadel, the city where the adventure takes place, and the birthplace of none other than Moebius Spinn himself. We also added a lot of detailed NPC’s, fantastic full-color artwork, and a 4-page character worksheet that we are calling the Ultimate Character Creation Worksheet that will help you flesh out every bit of detail about your character’s past, traits, personality and much more. At the end of the process you will have fully detailed character that can be used in any TTRPG genre or game system.

Forged in Shadows was created for every player, from the newly initiated, to the seasoned adventurer, who will thrill at the feeling of experiencing everything as though it was their first time.

Want to get a sneak peak at our Kickstarter page before it launches? Just click the button below!

Forged in Shadows Kickstarter Preview